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Value Add

Die casting
Besides plastic tooling and 888集团官网_888集团登录 ing services, we also assist our customer manufacturing various die casting 888集团官网_888集团登录 s. Jinway builds die-casts for Aluminum, Zinc and Copper alloy 888集团官网_888集团登录 ing. This is a way for us to fully take advantage of our metal and engineering expertise and fully support our clients.
Second processing
Checking fixture, assembly,Ultrasonic welding, Automatic painting line(Common painting,UV painting),plating(Cr,Ti,Ni),gold stamping,Silk print,pad print,tapping, laser engraving.

  • Checking Fixture
  • Assembly
  • Cover Metal Assembly
  • Printing & Laser
  • Case Printing
  • Copper Painting